Prayer or…

Prayer is a powerful tool whether your Christian or another religion or a non believer set time to reflect. You can even meditate to find inner peace, relax or quiet the mind. Either way allow yourself to regroup, reflect, listen to your inner self or rest. Be your best self at all times because you deserve it! 

Go After It

Whatever you want to accomplish go after it and accomplish it. Prepare, plan, and excute your goal or dream in a timely fashion. For example, I wanted to start a blog but kept putting it to the side until one day I opened my computer and sat in front of it until I was finished creating and designing my blog. 


Allow time to heal your friendships and relationships because sometimes that time is needed to create greatness and oneness. We often times miss the signs to allow time to mend brokenness because we live in a fast-paced society wanting results quickly without patience to receive better results. Challenge yourself to allow time to heal or mend! 


Communication is key and very important! No matter if your communicating with family, friends or spouses you have to be clear in your rhetoric. I am learning to be more clearer in my communication because I could assume someone understands me and receive it in another way. No one wants to hurt anyone’s feelings but sometimes we do and didn’t know it because we were not clear. Be Honest, Be Real, and Be Clear! 


I am guilty like most of us of being very impatient because we want everything fast and live in a fast-paced society. I learned over the past weekend to just wait sometimes and do not rush things even when I feel I have waited long enough or simply asking questions for answers. Just relax!

Get Your Mind Right

As women and men, our minds are constantly running and not focusing on ourselves. Mental health is a big part of our lives that always need to be focused on and taken care of.  Understand how you feel, love, care, and just self aware of yourself. In addition, your physical and spiritual walk matters. 


Hurt is a powerful thing but what you do with it matters the most. So do not be angry if things do not go your way sometimes they come back full circle. Whether they do or do not still have love in your heart,  be happy,  and stay positive. Keep smiling!


Make time for people you care about! Things happen sometimes and we do not know why things happen but they could have happened for us to help a person heal.  Help others and allow yourself to be helped. I did this past weekend so I can relate!



“Life is like a box of chocolates” Forrest Gump I can totally relate I had a shocker today that made me recalculate things and wonder “Did this happen because of this?” “Did I get a hint and not listen?” “Why did this happen?” is questions I asked myself. At the end of the day, we have to listen, watch, and ask questions.